The Shadow of His Past (Haunted Love) (Volume 2)

A heartwarming tale of love, mystery, and old heartbreaks.*** This 2nd book of the Haunted Love series can be read as a standalone.Kyla's excitement of moving into the apartment of an old Heidelberg family home quickly diminishes as fixtures and appliances seem to have a mind of their own. Accusing her moody landlord about his shoddy handyman work doesn't help a bit to improve their already damaged landlord-tenant relationship. Maybe he should stick to being a firefighter instead of trying to fix things around the house. As Chris spends more time putting out proverbial fires in Kyla's apartment, she discovers the warm and gentle side of him. However, odd activities aimed at Kyla intensify, as if someone, or something, wants to keep them apart.If you're a fan of ghost stories with charming characters and meddling spirits, then you'll love The Shadow of His past. This sweet & clean paranormal romance / mystery is full of twists and turns, smiles, and tears.Here's what other readers are saying about this book:>>> From first page to last page is filled with humor, mystery, frustration, and love… - Angie Lenkevich ->>> It's an amusing and heartwarming tale of love found and the past corrected. If you like ghost stories and comedies, this series is for you… - Jenn Cuce -* This is the 2nd full-length novel of the Haunted Love series and was previously published as "Grumpy Poltergeist."

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Book Title: The Shadow of His Past (Haunted Love) (Volume 2)

Book Author: Nickie Cochran

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1727280016